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The mission of Association of Global Management Studies is to provide platforms to foster communication about academic and practice oriented research amongst researcher and practitioners from academe and industry to advance knowledge in all business disciplines pertaining global issues in management studies.


The vision of Association of Global Management Studies is to be an active participant in the academic and practitioner community about creation of knowledge through research in universities and industries nationally and internationally by becoming the premier international organization that represents professional research interests and advances knowledge of global management studies educators, researchers and practitioners


▶  To facilitate a world-wide networking environment amongst scholarly community engaged in global issues in management studies.
▶  To enhance exchange between academic and practitioner scholars.
▶  To provide a effective platform for dissemination of global management studies research.
▶  To become an information resource for current research in the context of global management studies.
▶  To recognize outstanding scholars in the field of global issues in management studies.
▶  To be a pioneer scholarly forum for exchange of knowledge globally.


President Vice President of Administration Vice President of Program (2015) Chairman
(Global Division)
Mukesh Srivastava Daniel Tomiuk Ebrahim Soltani John Saee